Di Santi Studio

DISANTISTUDIO is a Manchester based brand that is focused merging classics with a modernised silhouette. The project which then turned into a brand began in 2018 and after 2 years of developing the brand identity, 2020 is when it collections were dropped offering European Denim, Luxury sportswear and accessories.


All pieces are designed in-house at our Manchester Studio and produced in United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, China and Pakistan. 


In the beginning, I would say I was just selling clothes. With time, I’ve managed to solidify the brand image and now I want to sell more than clothing, I want to sell culture, modern elegance, energy. So understanding who I am as an individual has helped me understand what my focus is.


The foundation of our Atelier: the Di Santi Denim collection is our homage to European denim. Nonpareil vintage washes and distressing create an authentic aged look and feel, with modernised silhouettes to comprehend the art of Di Santi.


Di Santi Sportswear: Inspired by Classic American sports culture and curated with European French terry, Di Santi Studio proposes a modernised vision for sportswear. with elements of football and basketball silhouettes, the products are elegantly finished fine stitching and detailing from luxury Ateliers in Portugal and United Kingdom.

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