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Di Santi?

Di Santi is a representation of me, whether that’s my interest in music, sports, all aspects of art to my way of living, my family and experiences. I wouldn’t know what to title however if I was to say what or who is my foundation, I would say the best creator of all time who for me is God. He created me and I’m freestyling everything through the lens he gave me with honesty and transparency.


I am fully Angolan. My parents are completely Angolan too.



My Mother is a deep rooted African Woman. Julieta Araujo. Yet to find out if she knows why she was called Julieta. She is the oldest daughter of both of my grandparents. Second oldest out of 6 including her. MY mother was a rebellious child and always wanted to do things her own way which made her have fall outs with my grand mother and caused to go live with my grandmothers brother Tio Santo. He supported my mother’s studies and was going to send her off to America with a few of his kids however my mother was still not behaving and she got pregnant with me. My Father, Helder Da Paixao Borges is a man of humble beginnings. A BIG family man. Lives his lives just for his family and tries his hardest to make sure that we don’t lack anything even though he needs more than us. Always tries to help everyone around him as much as he can regardless of how vulnerable he is.



Armando Araujo and Theresa Monteiro are my grand parents. Armando from what my mum told me, he was an ambitious man, a big family man. He died due to having things that people around him were lacking. Which was a good job, he seemed to have a good work and life balance which was hard back in them days because the majority of the population were feeling oppressed, outworked and had old school African mindsets that lead to jealousy. Theresa Monteiro is only Grandparent I met in my lifetime. I never got to know the women deeply as I met her in the summer holidays of 2010 when I was 11 turning 12 in November. Theresa loved African culture, she loved wearing traditional African clothing that would be made from seamstresses in the area where she lived.



I come from Angola, left Angola with 9 months I believe and moved to Portugal. Stayed in Portugal until the age of 4 and migrated to the UK with just my mother and my Dad then came a few months after.



My upbringing was all over the place which is why I find it hard to really understand who I am actually am sometimes. I come from an Immigrant family who left their homeland at a very early age with no savings, hardly any money. Even though we spent most of our years in struggle, there was still beauty in our lives because I would spend a lot of time with family and friends who later on become family. In Angola, there is a sense of community. A lot of people from my Dads area moved away from Angola and went to different parts of the world, so when we bumped into them in Portugal and England, whether it was the actual friend of a relative of a friend, they would help the family out until they get back on their feet. In Portugal, my dad took on the Angolan habits of drinking and socialising everyday. He would take me with him a lot of the time so I would spend a lot of time around people. My mother in Portugal would work a lot of the time so when my dad couldn’t stay with me, I would go work with my mum at a Cafe in Cannecas, which is an area is Lisbon, Portugal.


Ultimately, my purpose to do the will of God on earth. To use my talent to do the work of Jesus. Heal, share love and bring people together.

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