Saint Kobe Despiction

In this drop I chose to modernise the Saint Kobe silhouette by merging it with pieces from my father's wardrobe back in 2002 which was mine and my parents last full year in Portugal. He would always mix brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike but would make it work without getting the hate that you would get in today's age.  
When you have your first born, you always want them to be a mini you. My Father would dress me in the same way he would dress himself.
 I still have flashbacks of my Dad taking me everywhere with him on weekends whilst my Mother would work relentlessly at the Cafe in Cannecas. Back then my Dad would socialise a lot with friends, going to the park with friends to play Basketball and drink alcohol. That was life back then and even now in Angola most of people spend more time socialising rather working.
I chose to share this story through the lens of Di Santi and I hope to continue this story forever...

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