Inspired by Classic American sports culture and curated with European French terry, Di Santi Studio proposes a modernised vision for sportswear. with elements of football and basketball silhouettes, the products are elegantly finished fine stitching and detailing from luxury Ateliers in Portugal and United Kingdom.



Why Football?

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and one that brings people of all social classes and ethnic barriers together; each region of the world expressing their own self and culture in their type of play.

A lot of my collections have elements of sport involved. This is because sport is a team based activity. From the founders of the organisation to the players. I grew up watching and playing football, so this is the sport that resonates with me best. The best sport for me to start a story from.

I believe that everyone wants to be a part of a team. Everyone wants to feel like they belong to something. I see it all of the time. The beautiful thing about football is that subconsciously, you create a family and you establish something together, for example, a vision/dream. It starts with one person and then people who believe in that dream/vision, become a part of the team which makes the vision a reality.


Why Brazil?

Brazil is a nation that has all types of ethnicities, you have asian, black and caucasion. Again, its a beautiful thing because there is no separation in culture (to an extent) but the point is that all of these ethnicities can still be identified as one. I want the same thing with DI SANTI. I don’t want it to be targeted at one specific kind. I want to bring the world together. I want to create an idea that involves different kinds of people regardless of their age, gender and ethnicity. We’re children of God. 


- Osvaldo Borges

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