Osvaldo Santos Araujo Borges, the creative director behind DISANTISTUDIO has curated a path he believes to have been prescribed since birth. “Di Santi is ‘Of Saints’ in Italian. The term studio symbolises your world. Di Santi Studio is a place where you can take control of everything’. It’s like a force – something that gives you confidence, self love and value. Early 2016 Osvaldo was battling depression whilst attending college which led him to taking a step back to find himself again. During this time, Osvaldo spent a lot of time in art galleries, studios and eventually discovered his love for story-telling through art.

His love for fashion stems from his formative years in his native Portugal. “I’ve been introduced to fashion from a young age”, he asserts. “Growin’ up I always had people around me that dressed nice that I looked up to. Once you’re exposed to it so much, you learn more about it. I observed the people around me."


As a self-aware man, he is meticulous when presenting himself to the world. Admitting is personal style not only hails from the aforementioned influences growing up, he also confesses it is a fusion. “I’d definitely say it comes from the African-american culture. 

Over the years, collections have dropped infrequently – but as he confidently asserts: “this is the best one I’m gonna work on”. Mainly compiled of jeans with elements of dye and Swarovski crystals, this project incorporates a deeper undertone. “The message varies on every collection”, he explains. “This collection is to block out every negativity that’s goin’ on in people’s lives. If I had to put a name on it, I’d say Michael the Archangel – he was the angel that casted the devil down to hell The idea is to block it out – cast it down. I wanted to use the business of fashion as a way to get a message out there”. And the best way to get your message out there? Enlist the right people to ensure the message reaches the desired target.


Created for dreamers and inspired by saints. The Dreamer collection by Di Santi Studio sets a unique tone through key inspiration pieces that range from neutral minimalism to ethereal-edge. Through his artisanal craftsmanship and eye for outstanding quality and detail, our creative designer Osvaldo Borges fuses effortlessness with energy to present a forward-looking collection.

The Dreamer collection pays homage to the greats, with a focus on the late Kobe Bryant, and shines a spotlight on the power of dreams and aspiration that defined Osvaldo’s youth. 

With an aesthetic that juxtaposes boldness and humility, every piece is delicately customised, ranging from deconstructed denim jeans, to sweatsuits, to graphic print t-shirts that will dress the visionary in you.

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